Cool Guy Gifts

Are you looking for a cool gift around $200 for a guy who has nearly everything he might need? Clothing is not an option while iPod thing has already been done. You are looking for something sort of unique and useful at the same time, but ran out of idea? We will help you to make the right choice. We made a survey and here are the answers.

  Cool Guy Gifts

The things a guy would love to have:

  • A really good bottle of scotch (25-year etc)
  • A bottle of Dom Perignon or Cristal (only if he likes alcohol)
  • A Sony PSP
  • Portable DVD Player
  • A nice vuitton/paul smith/pride (his taste) wallet – that will last forever
  • Brookstone tempurpedic pillow(s)
  • Cool more functions than you need, cell phone
  • Digital Photo Frame
  • Tumi leather bag
  • Limited edition watchThese are girlish but ok too.- VIP bottle service at a trendy nightclub.

Other options for more private Guy Gifts.

  • Boat cruise around the bay then do a nice dinner.
  • Good seats to a baseball/football/basketball game.
  • Rent a luxury gas-guzzling vehicle for a nice drive.
  • Get custom jeans made
  • Beer/bacon of the month seem like a fun variation.
  • Massage gift certificate
  • Tickets to a concert. Tiffany is in town Friday night.

The main idea for any gift is attention. If you pay enough attention to your guy you will have no problem finding a cool gift for him. For example if he is into tech, he might like something of this kind. If he is into fishing, well then fishing it is. Of course the best way is to ask him directly the indirect question. Like if he is reading a book on fishing ask what he is reading and follow his answer, ask what the best item in this field is. This way you will solve the gift problem quite fast.

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